What is PPE? Preventing injury in the workplace

PPE is a commonly used term that refers to Personal Protective Equipment and the short answer is, ‘yes’ you need to use it because it effectively prevents injury in the workplace. In fact, the wearing of PPE may be the only thing protecting you from injury in the workplace, illness or death.

PPE covers a wide range of items that are designed to protect someone from risk of injury in the workplace or illness. Depending on the industry different PPE will be required. PPE can include:

  • Hearing protection, such as ear muffs and ear plugs
  • Eye and face protection, such as goggles
  • Safety helmets and hats
  • Gloves and boots
  • Clothing, such as high visibility vests or life jackets.

An employers responsibility to prevent injury in the workplace

It is a fundamental principle of the Work Health and Safety Act (QLD) that an employer must, so far as is reasonably practicable, maintain the workplace and ensure the health and safety at a workplace so that the worker occupying the premises is not exposed to risks to health and safety.

The wearing of PPE has become a contractual obligation which, if breached, can lead to summary termination of your employment. Depending on the industry PPE may be the most effective way to minimise a safety risk and reduce injury in the workplace.

The employer must ensure health and safety at a workplace for the employees and the failure to provide you with adequate PPE can lead to an injury in the workplace, illness or death. If your employer is not providing you with the relevant PPE they face possible charges under the Act.

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