I hurt my back at work but I had a pre-existing back injury. Can I still make a claim?

If you get hurt at work, you often make a claim through WorkCover Queensland.

But what do you do if you are hurt at work and you have a pre-existiing injury? In simple terms, things to prove are that you are a ‘worker’ and that in the course of your work you sustained an injury.  the pre-existing injury will be determined in the course of the assessment. For example, if you threw your back out while working then you will usually be eligible, and you should start a Workcover process especially if continuing work is hindered by the injury sustained.

Pre-existing injuries may impact your claim, but you should have it assessed to determine whether the pre-existing injury was an aggravation or contributory.

You can read more about a pre-existing injury and making a claim here.

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