Are personal injury claims limited to jobs where you are carrying out manual labour?

Many personal injury claims arise from workplace accidents while carrying out manual labour, but lots of accidents also occur in office buildings too.

Consider the situation where you are walking through your office and you trip over some electrical cords that have not been tucked away properly. As a result, you fall and break your wrist – this is probably going to be grounds for seeking damages through a personal injury claim. Especially where that injury results in time off of work, or medical expenses.

There are countless scenarios like this one where you may find yourself with an injury even though you’re not doing any manual labour. Accidents can occur at any time, but if an accident occurs at work, the relevant issue is one of workplace health and safety, rather than the type of work you were carrying out. Determining whether your employer has been negligent is something our PI Lawyers Brisbane can assist you in working out. Several factors will need to be considered including whether you were also at fault for your accident.

WorkCover Queensland is the governing body for workplace safety in the State of Queensland. They define a workplace injury as being ‘a personal injury arising out of, or in the course of, employment if the employment is a significant contributing factor to the injury.’ This definition is not limited to manual labour and includes any situation where, but for carrying out your workplace duties, you would not have sustained the injury.

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If there is ever a situation, whether you have a very physically demanding job, or a more sedentary one, where you injure yourself at work, it is in your best interests to find out if you have a personal injury claim to cover any resulting costs of that injury.

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