Who Caused The Accident?

When DNA Evidence Goes Wrong

Sexual abuse matters, removal of time limitation and the need for consistent evidence: Case Study – Connellan v Murphy [2017]

Why clear instruction and advice is integral to avoid workplace negligence claims

I was riding my bicycle on the road and was hit by a car. I cannot return to work. What can I do?

Bicycles and Motor Vehicles have had to get use to sharing the roads since the rising trend of using bicycles as a method of transport and recreation. In fact, the popularity has grown so much recently that quirky names such as “MAMIL” (“middle aged mad in lycra”) have been developed to refer to people who cycle. […]

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“I suffered an injury at work, but I am scared to put in a claim because I think my boss will fire me. What do I do?”

Being injured at work is always a difficult situation. A lack of understanding of the process may affect the response your employer has towards you when you exercise your right to lodge a statutory benefits claim. Communicate with your employer your intentions to lodge a claim as this will ease tension between all parties. We […]

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I had a car accident last year when a driver ran a red light and hit my car. I injured my neck and have pinched a nerve in my shoulder. I have been told that I should have made a claim against the driver, but I was too focused on getting better at the time to think about anything else. Am I too late?

The time frames for lodging a CTP claim is, in a nutshell:- 1. Was the accident more than 3 years ago? If yes – seek legal advice immediately, extremely limited possibility of making a claim. If no – see question 2   2. Can you identify the other vehicle? If yes – go to 3 […]

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My injury happened at work and Workcover paid my medical expenses, but is there any way I can recover compensation for my time lost at work and the additional stress put on my family?

Unless the application made to Workcover was for “medical expenses only”, then Workcover should be paying your loss of wages for any period of time you have been unable to work as a result of the injury, certified by a doctor. Some times employers are happy to cover loss of wages and therefore require Workcover […]

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What are the legal costs I need to pay to make a personal injuries claim and how do I know if they are reasonable?

If you speak to a personal injuries lawyer, then you’ll most likely find that almost all personal injuries claims in Queensland are conducted on a no-win, no-fee arrangement. However, not all no-win, no-fee arrangements are the same. Firstly, the hourly rate of the lawyer or firm could be very different. For example some firms charge […]

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I Caused A Car Accident – Can The Person I Hit Make A Claim Against Me? Can I Make A Claim For My Injury?

“I hit another car whilst driving and suffered injury.  Can the person that I hit make a claim against me?  Can I make a claim for personal injury?” It really depends on the circumstances.  In practice, this question has 2 parts to it. Firstly, all claims for personal injury are lodged against CTP insurers under […]

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