Why Queensland needs YOU to be a part of National Safe Work Month…

National Safe Work Month is an important initiative to help curtail the occurrence of workplace injuries in Australian workplaces. Workplace injuries are rife in Queensland. Did you know…

  • Workplace injuries affect 1 in every 25 Queensland workers every year;
  • 1 in every 70 Queensland workers suffers a serious injury;
  • Approximately $780 million dollars is paid out annually in Queensland workers compensation claims.

Workplace injuries are unfortunately a common occurrence in our State, so if you are an employer or a worker, you may be interested in getting involved in National Safe Work Month which is well underway.

The month of October is the time to focus on safety in your workplace to reduce death, injury and disease. The theme for this year is “Be safe. Be healthy. Because…”

Each week of the month will focus on a different sub-theme relating to why being safe and healthy at work is important:

  • Be safe. Be healthy. Because…your actions can support physical and mental health at work,
  • Be safe. Be healthy. Because…your family/friends/pets are waiting to welcome you home,
  • Be safe. Be healthy. Because…it makes good business sense, and
  • Be safe. Be healthy. Because…there’s so much more to look forward to.

All workplaces are encouraged to make this theme meaningful in their organisation by adding your own two reasons for being safe and healthy at work and reflecting on them throughout the month.

A number of involvement opportunities are available on the Safe Work Australia website, where you can:

  • Download the National Safe Work Month electronic information kit – the kit includes useful templates and tools available to your organisation;
  • Enter the National Safe Work Month Workplace Participation Reward for your chance to win some cool prizes;
  • Download the free National Safe Work Month smart phone app where you can find out about upcoming events, learn about safety and enter the Workplace Participation Reward;
  • Watch the 2015 Virtual Seminar Series free online to gain insight into the latest thinking and research in work health and safety.

Workplace health and safety is a community issue. When a worker is injured, it doesn’t just impact the workers’ life, it impacts the employer, the workers colleagues, friends and family. High instances of workplace injury present a call to all of us Queenslanders to be more aware, and proactive about maintaining our personal safety, the safety of our colleagues, the safety of our employees or whichever the case may be.

It is important to every Queenslander that our workers get home safely each day.

We want to hear your thoughts about this issue. We look forward to reading about the main reasons you believe in being safe and healthy at work in the comments below…

If you are concerned about your safety at work, or have sustained an injury, we strongly advise that you have a free consultation with one of our personal injury lawyers. You can contact our office on (07) 3252 0011 or through our general enquiries page.

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