No Win No Fee Brisbane Lawyers – How to Choose your Lawyer – 5 tips

The term No Win No Fee is commonly used within personal injuries cases where the injured person has limited capacity to pay their legal fees. Choosing a personal injury lawyer to represent you is difficult, but with the following five tips you should be on your way to making an informed decision.

Our five tips…

  • Meet – Make sure you meet the lawyer you are thinking of engaging in your personal injury claim. If you can establish rapport with him or her it will be a good indication of how the lawyer will be like to deal with on a day to day basis. Remember you will be dealing with your lawyer for an extended period of time so ensure that you are dealing with someone that understands your personal circumstances.
  • Read the Client Agreement – Make sure you are given enough time to read the Client Agreement. Remember this is a legal contract between you and the lawyer. Take the time to understand your responsibilities under the contract.
  • Bigger is not always best – Retaining a lawyer at the big end of town will provide you some guarantees with how your matter will be managed. However, bigger is not always best. Consider whether your lawyer will be accessible throughout your claim, will your lawyer guide you through the entire process and will your lawyer go over and above what is expected. Don’t fall through the cracks and become a recordable unit.
  • Flexibility – Will your lawyer be flexible on how they will assist you in your matter? Will your lawyer come to your home to sign documents, discuss the matter with your family and involve you in the process? Being flexible throughout this difficult time shows that your lawyer understands that life and legal matters don’t always follow a linear path.
  • Referral – One of the best ways to remove a lot of the uncertainty in choosing a lawyer is through a personal referral. Ask your friends and family who they have dealt with or if they have any recommendations. A prior working relationship will reveal the level of professionalism that a lawyer exercised. In business, nothing beats referrals from satisfied customers.

No Win No Fee Brisbane Lawyers

If you are considering engaging a No Win No Fee Brisbane lawyer make an appointment with one of our Brisbane Personal Injury Lawyers to discuss the process. Contact our offices on (07) 3252 0011 to arrange a free initial consultation.


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