Not happy with your PI Lawyer? Our Brisbane Personal Injury Lawyers can help you

The relationship that you have with your lawyer is an important one, no matter what type of legal problem they are assisting you with. During the course of a Personal Injury matter, it is particularly important that you feel you can trust your lawyer, not only to provide you with quality legal advice, but also as a person you get along well with and feel comfortable to have guiding you through the incredibly stressful journey of making a PI claim. If you are not happy with your PI Lawyer, you are absolutely entitled to get a second opinion – it is your legal right.


You should never have the feeling that your PI Lawyer is unfamiliar with your case, particularly after you have been with them for a while. While PI Lawyers may be busy, they should never be so busy that they lose touch with their clients, and aren’t up to speed with how your case is progressing. Another trigger for alarm bells is if you get the impression that your PI Lawyer is not diligently progressing your case, and providing you with sound advice about your legal options. The last thing you want is to feel like your injury lawyer doesn’t know what they’re doing! Especially when the legislation governing this area has such strict time limitations and procedures to satisfy.

The truth is, there are many reasons that you may be not happy with your PI Lawyer, the important thing for you to know is that at any point, you are legally entitled to consult with another PI Lawyer and to have them review your case.

Personal Injury Lawyers typically offer a free initial consultation. Most Personal Injury Lawyers are going to be more than happy to review your evidence, give a brief overview of legal considerations and offer you a second opinion on where your case should be currently at as well as where it should be headed.

One of the key things our Brisbane Personal Injury Team will do is try to get your case moving faster, while offering you an understanding and supportive client-practitioner relationship. We will also ensure that we thoroughly review your evidence and explain to you the critical legal arguments that you matter will depend upon.

Not happy with your PI Lawyer?

If you are not happy with your PI Lawyer, contract our Brisbane Personal Injury Lawyers for a free initial consultation to review your case. You can reach our PI Lawyers by phoning (07) 3252 0011, or through our general enquiries page.

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