The Form I am filling out for a CTP injury claim asks for an offer, what should I write? How much should I offer?

Assessing the amount of damages in a personal injuries type claim does require a fair amount of legal knowledge and skill.


It is not as simple as reading off a table or plugging figures into a formula.


That being said, if you are filling out the paperwork in the early days/weeks of your injury, it is likely that your condition/s have not yet reached ‘stable and stationary’. That means, you are probably still receiving treatment and rehabilitation and the symptoms are still capable of improvement and sometimes, even deterioration.


If that is the case, it is OK to write on the form something along the lines of “injury not yet stable – to be assessed”.


It is recommended that you consider medico-legal assessment by a specialist. Selecting the right specialty and specialist requires experience and therefore, some advice from an experienced personal injuries lawyer is strongly advised.


If it has been many months since your injury and you feel that it has stabilised, then you may want to turn your mind to the following questions:-


  1. What is my pain and suffering worth?
  2. What are the ongoing effects this injury has on me and my lifestyle?
  3. What are my loss of wages/income to date and my likely losses of wages/income in the future from this accident/injury?
  4. What are my expenses incurred in the past and what are my likely expenses in the future?
  5. What amount, if any can I get for care and assistance I received from my family and friends?



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